The project idea is to increase consciousness by storytelling.

The means is creation of essential apparel for everyone, starting from a new perspective on Earth’s landscapes, the one of satellite images, or ‘views from eyes in the sky’ if you prefer. Such eyes let us see a variety of locations and help discover the stories each of them can tell us.

The process is based on ongoing research to produce in the most respectful, or sustainable way: minimising environmental impact and maximising social impact are the guiding principles.

These translate in limited/on-request production: use of natural, sustainable and recycled fibres (e.g. wool, econyl, modal); exploration of innovative technologies (e.g. digital printing with low water consumption, laser cutting, 3D printing); use of local resources (both in terms of materials, processes and manufacturing) to reduce CO2 production associated to transport within the production chain; promotion of little, high-quality, high-experience laboratories.